Funding Research into a Cure of Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes develops when the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas have been destroyed. Nobody knows for sure why these cells have been damaged but the most likely cause is an abnormal reaction of the body to the cells. This may be triggered by a viral or other infection.

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Type 2 Diabetes

If you are white and over 40 years old or if you're black, Asian or from a minority ethnic group and over 25 years old and have one or more of the following risk factors, you should ask your GP for a test for diabetes.

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About Type One Mission (TOM)

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Thomas Bucciero

Thomas Bucciero (known as Tom to most people) was born on the 7th September 1993. The only child of Tony Bucciero and Donna Lennock he lived in Birstall, Leicestershire all of his life.

When Thomas was 4 years old he was diagnosed as a Type One Diabetic. As other pages on this website will reiterate the causes of Type One Diabetes are still unknown.

Thomas was a Grade A student and extremely popular at school. On the 8th December 2008 he passed away in his sleep of Ketoacidosis (commonly known as a diabetic coma). This is extemely rare and was a complete shock to everyone who knew and loved Thomas. Hundreds of people turned out for Thomas's funeral and many websites, videos and tributes were created and posted onto the world wide web in honour of his life and the impact he made on everyone.

Throughout his life (and especially as he matured into a fine young man) Thomas often stated that he wished that he could find a cure for diabetes. Whilst he was pragmatic and understood that many people suffer from far worse conditions than diabetes he naturally hoped for the day when he didn't have to inject insulin and restrict his diet so tightly.

Tony and Donna have founded Type One Mission (TOM) in order to fund research into diabetes and fulfil their sons dream of either a prevention or a cure to this disease. The hope is that no other parents suffer such a loss or that any young people die of the condition. In this way if Type One Mission can help to fund awareness, a cure or a prevention of the disease then Thomas would not have passed away without a reason. Whilst the Charity is fully recognised by the Charities Commission Tony and Donna are proud that any monies raised towards the aims of the Charity will be done in his name.

If you decide to help you'll be helping all diabetics and their families- and you'll be helping in his name - Type One Mission (TOM).